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How to best control 4 devices (heater, air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier) on two distinct schedules?

My goal is to maintain one temperature and one humidity for about half of the day, and another temperature with another humidity for the rest of the day.

Obviously if things were working properly, the air conditioner and heater, or humidifier and dehumidifier, would never run simultaneously.

As far as I can tell, using a single Sonoff TH10/16 controller per atmospheric device would only allow me to set one temperature range, not two. So my question, keeping in mind that I have no real background in electronics, is how to best accomplish this goal of dual temperature/humidity settings.

Also needs to be as reliable as possible as these will be conditioning potentially sensitive plants.

I'm from SoCal so the system would need to be versatile enough to deal with some days which will all be under 60 F (heater only), some which will all be over 80 (AC only), and some which may vary significantly (both), and a variety of humidity conditions (usually dry but plants will transpire significantly and increase humidity)

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