eWeLink What's New for Android 3.7.0

Release Date:2019-05-22

What's new of eWeLink Android 3.7.0:

1. Cancel "inching" in software for 4ch pro.

2. Update the user interface of TH series.

3. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

Note: If you don't want to use this version after upgrading to V3.7.0, you can click the link to download eWeLink V3.6.2.

Hi Mr. Scott. Why nobody from ewelink team or itead team does not answer to any of my questions ? I am really satisfied with Sonoff products, but if i can not use app properly, then i can not use them at all..... Will somebody answer my issue regarding offline state ? Thank you.

Please return eWeLink inching for Sonoff 4CH Pro !

Sign the online petition !

Wanted to try the Sonoff motion detectors, so I set the inching mode. 

After  update to 3.7.0 i can't restore this now! 

Lighting is not working now. 

Switching off after 5pm !!


What to do?


Alessandro, DONT BE SORRY !! Sonoff devices are great. I have lots of them, but since i saw those problems, i stopped updating. I downloaded version 3.5.8 , and it is ROCK STABLE :) . And also flashing is an option, because there are some great alternative firmwares, in which ALL options are SAME for ALL DEVICES. But my solution was downgrade app, and no more updating, untill there is stable version. And finding old ewelink app is not a problem, not at all.. But it is true, that i did not update firmware on devices also.. So i have inching, as it was..Do little research, and prepare for solution. It is there, you just have to find it, and implement it into your system .

This build also broke something on the RFBridge Alarm/PIR sensors and scene configuration.

 I used to have a RFBridge connected to a PIR sensor. Using the scene configuration I was able to turn on lights or other devices connected to a SonoffRF switch, based on the PIR inputs.

Basically, the PIR detects a "person" and trigger the switch. Worked fine until this update. Not working any more.

Also, one o my T1 switch turn/off by it self,  sometimes start beeping random and the status led start blinking random ( although the wifi is connected and the on/off works from the app e from the device )

hi the link to download eWeLink V3.6.2. not working

which is the old version?


Type in google and search.
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