eWeLink What's New for Android 3.7.0

Release Date:2019-05-22

What's new of eWeLink Android 3.7.0:

1. Cancel "inching" in software for 4ch pro.

2. Update the user interface of TH series.

3. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

Note: If you don't want to use this version after upgrading to V3.7.0, you can click the link to download eWeLink V3.6.2.

Thanks Bogdan, it worked.
I know :) You are welcome.

Daniele Casetta

You can do it from the app! Inching mode for single channel but the Interlock function should be disabled.

Dear customers. Sorry for my late reply. We canceled "inching" because 4ch pro can set inching by hardware. And there will be a conflict if we don't set the inching properly. I know it can only set 1-16 seconds by hardware. I'll submit your requirements and try our best to improve the customer experience.

Dear Artur, the function of the "memory of the setting last time" was put forward. Thank you for your proposal.

Hello Scott. What about auto Lan function ? Why you dont allow users to choose what they want? I have updated your app, but suddenly all devices went in OFFLINE state. So i had to find older .apk file, and then install this version.On older version of app all works. So now i am waiting your explanation and help.

hi Bogdan. We developed a new LAN mode which has a priority level compared with Wifi control. And it can convert automatically. It is available for firmware 3.0.0 and above. That means only Basic&Rf has this function currently. We will push forward the firmware upgrade. Thank you for your understanding.

not  4ch pro :(

After installing v3.6.2. from your link here gives an error(app not installed), and new version is still in use, please help, or give advice how to install past version. Or just add numbers of humidity, exact % is very needed! Thanks in advance!
Controlling the application in LAN mode is unstable, OFF Line every now and then, it takes a long time to get everything straightened in the application, no operation can be performed immediately, everything lasts. This mode should go on only in the case of no internet which will happen to me once a year and at that moment there is usually no electricity.
Robert and ewelink team. Version of app 3.5.8 is rock stable. Find .apk version of this app, and all will work.
It would be possible to do the next version of the application to disable LAN control. I would only turn it on when the internet doesn't work and I need it. The app is OFF Line anytime, I would like an equally stable app like it was in version 3.5.8 thank you.

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Seperate inching is not possible in 2 ch devices with ewelink, as far as i know. You have to flash custom firmware on 2 or more ch devices, then it is no problem.
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