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common alarm input for wifi switch

There's input in TH10/TH16 wifi switch for the temperature / moisture sensor.

There are 4 contacts in the sensor connector.

Currently the only supported function for that connector is temperature / moisture sensor.

In case the switch does not detect the sensor, it could consider them as wired alarm input contacts and not use the temperature/moisture sensor circuits at all.

Using that same connector it would be possible to deliver 2 x 2 wired alarm into the switch. Or up to 3 alarms if they share common ground.

Those 2 (or 3) alarm inputs would be shown in ewelink as "open" if they are not connected, and "closed" if they are connected (i.e. resistance is close to 0 ohm between ground and alarm wire).

On the other hand, the TH10/TH16 switch could also measure the voltage between ground and alarm wire and show it in ewelink.

Another option would be a new model of switch, which is able to perform those functions (detecting alarm, measuring voltage), either using similar connector, or any connector that is easy to use for wired alarm purposes.

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