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Sonoff sv Button not working

Hi guys I’m new to this but I would love to hear from the people who knows I recently bought a Sonoff sv for a project of mine I just know how to connect the cables to the Sonoff the input and output and that’s it everything was working fine I wired a button to the one that was already there so that I could trigger it from more distance but then I tried another type of push button and for some reason now the button on the Sonoff doesn’t work the led blinks but it won’t connect and it doesn’t let me trigger the relay manually also the board gets really hot but I’m not sure what could the problem be anyone who can help me would be highly appreciated thanks :))
(1.78 MB)
(1.93 MB)

Solder bridge?

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" I wired a button to the one that was already there"   If you soldered wires to the board you may have created a solder bridge between two adjacent points.  Carefully check the board.

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