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Add internal terminal for A0 GPIO and make the reading available for scenes similar to TH temp/humidity reading

This will allow to intergrate hundreds of different sensors, including analog / digital sensors.

Some examples:

- Reed sensor to monitor if a window or garage door was left opened or closed
- Perimeter sensors (laser, ultrasonic, PIR, etc)
- Distance / depth (ultrasonic sensor)
- Water level / hummidity sensors
- Hall Effect sensors for emasuring whole house consumption
 - light, dusk / dawn sensors

This can generate a lot of makers developing sensors to add to any Sonoff Device.

For this to work, the PCB or device has to expose the A0 GPIO pin, add some formulas to scale the values to be meaningful and incorporat the sensor reading into scenes functionality, very similar to the way it does the Sonoff TH with the temperature / hummidity readings.

If you would like all these functions, please help support this request voting for this post !!!

Thanks, Mario.

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