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Disable a switch

Well, I have a few ideas some are really necessary and some are very good options. 1. Option to disable a switch from setting while it is in a schedule mode. So it will keep the program. If you want to use the switch normally cancel the schedule mode. 2. Real Group mode. With a schedule or timer you can program a a group of devices instead of do so for every device. I understand that every device keep the timers (8) in it self. But when I use Alexa or smart life it can be done with there cloud so sonoff can also do so. 3. All the curtains switches can add on option to close or open for certain percentage. How? By give the user to tell the app how many seconds it take from full close to full open and then Easley calculate the percentages so you don't need a smart motor also. 4. Device losing connection notification (device is off line)

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