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Sonoff touch switch causing light to intermittent on and off

Hi im from Singapore Recently i installed sonoff touch 1/2/3 at my house. The issue im currently having is the one which i installed at my toilet/bathroom. They are just side by side and i have a heater in one of them. They are sharing the same neutral. Once i on both the bathroom lights they started to on and off intermittently. But when i just on one of them it is ok and works normally. PS: This happens with my sonoff touch 1 way. And previously it happened with the sonoff touch 2 way too but I replaced the sonoff touch 2 way to another area in the house and it was normally. Anyone able to advice on this.

Check for reversal of L-in and L-out wires.

Hi Ew. The Lin and Lout shall be ok. Cause it was working fine for a 1 day after installation. Then it suddenly triggered this issue. Any other possibilities?

Unless you built a scene in the app that is looping I would say you have a wiring problem.  The wire for L-in should be always hot with respect to the neutral no matter what state the switches are in.  If you are safe and comfortable with a volt meter you can check that without killing yourself.  If not, hire a professional.

How do i check and what do i check with the voltmeter?

WARNING!  Mains voltage is LETHAL.  If you don't know what you are doing, and from your question I suspect you may not, don't even attempt it.  Hire a professional.  This measurement is taken while the circuit is live so wear insulated electrician's gloves and observe all safety precautions.  The first time you are electrocuted will also be the last time.


You should always have mains voltage (220-240  AC in Singapore) between the L-in and Neutral.  What you want to do is identify the Line in (always hot) wire and the neutral.  With everything disconnected from the switches and the power on, there should be one wire with mains voltage measured between itself and the neutral.  The other two wires will have near zero voltage to the neutral as they are the Line out wires to your light fixtures.  Once you have correctly identified the L-in and L-out wires.  TURN THE POWER OFF at the main panel and reconnect your switches.


Is it possible you don't really have a neutral in that box?

Noted on this. Yes i do have neutral in the box. This neutral is looped in between these 2 toilets. The rest of the house fixtures neutral are also fixed and all is fine. Except for this 2 locations which is the toilet. And i also noticed this happend after the heater which is not using the sonoff switch is connected. As u can see in the attached file. Heater is using a nornal switch. And light is using a sonoff switch. But both is sharing the same neutral. Do yoy think this is the issue?

The neutral should be neutral everywhere and should have no effect.  I can't tell much from the file you attached but if I am understanding you correctly you have two switches.  One is a Sonoff that operates the light.  One is a regular switch that operates the heater.  If that is correct a typical wiring description is below.

You should have hot, neutral, and ground coming from the main panel. 


The hot should connect to the L-in on the Sonoff AND to one of the switch terminals on the regular switch.


The L-out on the Sonoff should go to the hot side of your light.


The hot side of your heater circuit should connect to the other terminal on the regular switch.


The Neutral should connect to the N connection on the Sonoff AND the N side of your light AND the N side of your heater.


The ground connects to the ground terminals everywhere.

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Noted. Thanks. Will take note of this and try. As of current only the heater has the ground cable connected. As the lightings do not use ground for my side. Only neutral which was freshly laid from the mains.

If there was no neutral in the box and you had to pull one then more than likely your hot wire runs from the main panel to the light fixture where it is then fed to the wall switch box, and switched to turn on the light. In other words two wires come from the light fixture to the switch box. One will always be hot and that is connected to the Sonoff L-in. The other wire would connect to L-out.


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Did you fix it? 

Hi EW. Currently my electrician laid another neutral. Looks stable for few minutes. But still awaiting if any issues after few days. Cause i noticed the issue normally after few days.

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