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Detecting a powered off Sonoff as a STATE in eWelink Scenes

I often have projects that need eWelink Scene logic to detect: 

* IF a Sonoff device is turned off (no power - deliberately switched off using a relay for example) 

* THEN change the ON/OFF state of another Sonoff device.

I have to use electronic circuits to get this outcome - which I would rather not have to use.

I would REALLY like a 3rd Scene logic option so I can choose either ON or OFF or TURNED OFF


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To further prosecute my case for this feature, one example is I use a limit switch to cut power off completely to a Sonoff Standard when my garage roller door closes. 

When that roller door closes I then want to trigger a Pushbullet notification via IFTTT - but there is no way to detect a 'power off' state and trigger the Pushbullet notification.

It is necessary to use additional circuitry to sense the closed door to get a Pushbullet alert to trigger - which is a nuisance and could be avoided - if the Scene logic included a 3rd 'Turned Off' option.

Do you mean

Turned Off = Unreachable

However unreachable can be because of many reasons (at least no wifi, power off).

Anyway I agree, it would be a major improvement.

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Turned Off = Unreachable (for any reason)

Thank you for your reply

It would also be great if the turned off state could be added to the IFTTT applets for eWeLink

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