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Detecting a powered off Sonoff as a STATE in eWelink Scenes

I often have projects that need eWelink Scene logic to detect: 

* IF a Sonoff device is turned off (no power - deliberately switched off using a relay for example) 

* THEN change the ON/OFF state of another Sonoff device.

I have to use electronic circuits to get this outcome - which I would rather not have to use.

I would REALLY like a 3rd Scene logic option so I can choose either ON or OFF or TURNED OFF


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To further prosecute my case for this feature, one example is I use a limit switch to cut power off completely to a Sonoff Standard when my garage roller door closes. 

When that roller door closes I then want to trigger a Pushbullet notification via IFTTT - but there is no way to detect a 'power off' state and trigger the Pushbullet notification.

It is necessary to use additional circuitry to sense the closed door to get a Pushbullet alert to trigger - which is a nuisance and could be avoided - if the Scene logic included a 3rd 'Turned Off' option.

Do you mean

Turned Off = Unreachable

However unreachable can be because of many reasons (at least no wifi, power off).

Anyway I agree, it would be a major improvement.

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Turned Off = Unreachable (for any reason)

Thank you for your reply

It would also be great if the turned off state could be added to the IFTTT applets for eWeLink

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Is there any update on this please? I want to receive notifications both if a freezer temperature rises ( which I’ve succeeded in doing) but also if power is lost to the TH10 and therefore the freezer on the same supply circuit.

When the device is powered off, the server can not get the response from the device and it shows offline.

however, there are other reasons for the offline issue, like no wifi or no access to the server.

To detect a "turned off" state seems to be not reasonable.

any idea to clarify such request further?

Jerry, how about they being handled with "unreachable" state? point is that there should be a state which is not on or off. it is easy logic for the device itself to handle if the state is on or off. but in case the state was unreachable, there would be other things to consider. like restarting a router, switching on another switch just to name the obvious. having on or off state would also indicate that the device is reachable. unreachable would indicate that it might be without power, or it might be having power and either on or off, while it is not connected to wifi.

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Yes I agree with Veli-Matti Truhponen - handling it with an 'unreachable state' would solve the requirement.


I have a 12V Sonoff that is unpowered UNTIL my solar inverter  inverter reaches 1200W - power is then applied via a relay in the inverter to the 12V Sonoff.

The 12V Sonoff then powers up and is configured to trigger an 'ON' state once initialised.

Using THE eWelink app 'Scene Logic' - that 'ON' state of the 12V Sonoff is detected and the eWelink app Scene Logic then turns on a fan heater using an S26 Sonoff.

When the 12V Sonoff connected to my inverter powers OFF ('Unreachable) because there is no longer 1200W being generated by my solar system - I want to then detect that 'Unreachable' state of the same 12V Sonoff.

If the 12V Sonoff connected to my solar inverter is 'Unreachable' - and there was an 'Unreachable' eWelink state in the 'Scene Logic' - I could then turn that S20 OFF and therefore turn the heater off and not waste electricity.

An 'Unreachable' eWelink Scene Logic would be VERY USEFUL...

'IF (Smart Device) UNREACHABLE - THEN (Smart Device) OFF/ON'


please, this is a really needed and useful information. currently there is no such info that could be used to detect if a device is unreachable. for the users it would be the most convenient place to have it in the same field as the state on/off. but a new field reachable yes/no would also be suitable.
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