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Maintain function of wall switch by introducing "toggle" power on state

I would like to suggest a fourth option for Power On State in the Basic Switch. In addition to "off", "on" and "keep", there should be an option: "opposite" or "toggle", such that whenever the power goes off and then on, the state is the opposite of what it was when power was cut. This allows the physical wall switch to remain functional, but as a "toggle" switch now. Eg, if I want to turn on the light but do not have my phone with me, all I need to do is to flick the wall switch off and on once. Similarly, to turn it off again, i just need to flick it off and on a second time. This feature will be extremely helpful for people who wants to maintain functionality of their wall switches.

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Yes Please.


And if you replace the regular switch by an allways on momentary switch you will have the best of both worlds, being able to control the Sonoff via the phisical switch or via the app regardless of the position of the switch (that will be allways on)

Great feature!! With the ‘Power On State’ set to toggle, a Sonoff connected to a standard wall switch could be easily controlled by the switch (flip Off then back On to turn lights ON; flip Off then back On to turn the lights OFF) as well as via WiFi. (I’m certain that many SONOFF have had non-standard firmware added to allow this) Unfortunately, a power outage would also Toggle the state of the Sonoff.... but in my case, that would be acceptable.
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