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possible use of Sonoff Dual R2 from another place than the close wifi

Hi everyone

I am very interested bt Sonoff switches like Dual R2, and I have a question 

Is it possible to use and connect to the sonoff R2 from outside the installed wifi

eg : I am at work office, and want to switch on my electric heater situated in my house 50 km from here on a wifi network

Can I use my smartphone for that, or shall I to be at home connected to the same wifi network than the sonoff

thanks for your reply regards Jean Marie

Sonoff and the app are cloud based.  You can control the devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Hi thanks EW a lot for your reply. I'll purchase it

Sonoff controll with ewelink is cloud based. Youcan controll them from anywhere. But be carefull. Both relays together in dual can have maximum output 10a. Better to use them for maximum 8A. Not each 10A, but either 1 relay up to 10A , or 1+2 relay together 10A . Sonoff is a great device, but people are pushing them too hard.. So be gentle and do not load them too much, and they will work SUPER GREAT :) . Latelly only app is making some "network unavaliable" issues, so do not download the latest, but download stable version. It is version 3.5.8 . With this version of app, Sonoff devices are amazing. Good product, for good price. THANK YOU Itead and EWELINK team for giving on the market this amazing product :)

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