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sim808 Module ERROR


I have a sim808 module from itead and I tried to put it to work but it doesn't work.
I Follow the recommendations of your site (wiki) I downloaded the libraries, I tested with both the arduino Mega as with the UNO, but nothing!?!?
I'm desperate to put the module in function to a project, but I can't!
What I'm trying to do is communicate by GSM. Receive or send SMS using the examples of library
I have a gsm card and I removed the pin.
I have a Li-On battery of 3.7 V @ 1100mAh placed in the module.
I called the Rx Tx pin (Uno) in 2 and 3. On the 18 and 19 Mega put in.
I called a power supply 9V dc @ 2A.
I plugged the antenna the connector gsm!

I plugged the GND PIN to GND pin on the arduino and the VIO PIN to the Vcc pin on the arduino.
Didn't do more links!?

I hit the power button of the module.
tested and gives error.

The library I used is on :
The skecth is "GSM_GPRSLibrary_SMS.ino"

I tried on arduino 1.0.6 IDE and 1.8.5 IDE.
Don't work!?!?

Please, What am I doing wrong??
I attach the serial monitor message.

There was someone who already managed to put this module in operation?
Please help me

Thanks for any help
best regards
paulo Monteiro
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