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How to keep historical data of temperature / humidity data in Sonoff TH10/TH16?

I want to keep the historical data of temp/humid in TH10/TH16. I am not sure whether IFTTT can help in this case. 

Anyone have experience, please share. 


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This should be the feature: push hourly the temperature and humidity data to IFTTT, or let IFTTT query this data on an hourly level. I dare not ask for a better granularity, like each minute even though it would be very useful.

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I do not see any way to access temperature info from IFTTT. I also thought it could be the solution to record temperature info...but seems there is no way

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Temperature above or below a set value can be linked to IFTTT and update a spreadsheet. But if more than one threshold value is set in IFTTT then all settings below/above will be triggerred.
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