eWeLink What's New for Android 3.6.1

Release Date:2019-04-16

What's new of eWeLink Android 3.6.1:

1. Support "Add camera".

    Related products: Sonoff RF, Dual, T1 2Gang, T1 3Gang, 4CH, 4CH pro.

2. Support overload alarm under LAN mode.  (Available for the coming firmware 3.0.0)

    Related products: POW, POW R2

3. Support setting "Inching" separately. (Available for the coming firmware 3.0.0)

    Related products: Dual, T1 2Gang, T1 3Gang, 4CH, 4CH pro.

4. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

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Activate the device connection (when the ice is flashing), press the "add" button in the application, select "quick add" + and it will take 3 minutes. I see that it connects its wifi to the mute device ... but then nothing. No, the timer will be almost zero before the oil runs out . I finally tested it on a neighboring iPad and installed an app.

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Compared with the previous version it is much less intuitive. I could give list of interface issues, but for now will stick to functional. I have a Sonoff POWR2. The manual on/off button in the eWelink app doesn't always work. Sometimes it will not change state and will flash up "failed". Sometimes it will appear to change, but when I go back the the home page, it hasn't. And if I succeed in changing the state, the current and power readings rarely update unless I switch to the home page and back again, and even that is not always reliable. How can one revert to 5.8.x?

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