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Add temperature (TH16) request possible for Amazon Alexa

Plz make it possible to ask Alexa for temperature and humidity on TH16 and TH10 .

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And Google Assistant

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Yes please...Alexa would bie great

need this

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Yes, please expose the temperature (and humidity) I/F so Alexa and IFTTT can access (I assume via the ewelink services).  Not having this GREATLY reduces the value of the TH16 - in fact, I was going to purchase two more until I found out I couldn't do this - now even the first one I purchased is of very limited value to me.

Do itead support / development staff read these tickets?  I would be nice to see a response either way, thanks.

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I think we can deduce from this the itead "support" is not read by them nor acted upon.

My TH16's are useless without this - I'd have not bought them if I'd know you can't even ask alexa the state of the sensor or the switch. I may as well just use my ESP32's and DHT22 sensors. Cheaper too.


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