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Firmware uprade from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 gives switching issues

Once upgraded, you cannot switch devices on or off. States there are network problems. Devices with previous version 3.0.0 have no issues

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have you found a solution to this? I'm having the same problem

This was quite a while ago, but I think I just re-loaded the Ewelink App and have had no problems since then.
Hello , i have sonoff T1 C1,C2 and C3 . C1 was the first to have 3.0.1 update. The issue was that after while it lost connection and i had to connect again . The frequency was one every 1-4 days. Now also my T2 and T3 have 3.0.1 and guess what, same issue. The previous firmware 2.6 was good

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Does anyone found a solution ? I'm not able to pair my touch T1 after the firmware upgrade , not even the touch is working anymore. The led indicator blinks fast 5 times...Is there any option to reset manually the default firmware?
Hi all. So South Africa only recently got 3.0.1. Updated 10 off T1 US 3 gangs. All of them are now connection. Has any solution or formal communication fron Sonoff/Itead been published? I hope this is resolved soon.
Same problem here. No formal communication from Itead yet. I think they should at least inform what they are doing to fix it and provide some expected date for the fix.

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Looks like 3.0.1 has been pulled. It is no longer reporting as upgrade available.

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the firmware > 2.7.1 have disconection issues . Itead know the problem from many days but it had do nothing

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