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Sonoff POW - effect electricity supply ?

I had a Sonoff POW connected to my deep freeze for the last 2 months. It continually uses 75-80w / 1.9kWh - which is fine.

From 1st April I noticed that every day, this would decrease (eventually 50w  / 1kWh) ... until when I came home the other day, all my food was defrosted and ruined :( So I shut it down and bought a new freezer (hasn't arrived yet)

But last night, I was curious and decided to remove the POW from the equation - worked again and froze my food! I figured the POW may be faulty - and tried putting in back .... now it works 100% again and back to 75-80w / 1kWh.

My question - is it at all possible it's the POW ? Can it somehow limit power to the device ?  Or do you think my freezer is dying ? Why would the power consumption change ? 

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There is no way to answer your question from a distance.  Did the POW's output voltage drop along with the power?  Did the compressor cycle times both in number or duration change?

My wild guess: The freezer malfunctioned and didn't come out of defrost cycle or it has a failing thermostat.

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