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Force LAN-mode always and assign fixed IP address

I am a sofware developer not related to any company interested in purchasing a yearly license for connecting to the itead cloud.

Just a community member of some third party domotica system.

I want to integrate Sonoff devices to the domotica platform of my choice, through it's LAN-mode. For this LAN-mode to be usefull I wan't the Sonoff to always be in LAN-mode and to never even try to connect to itead/eWeLink servers.

Appart from that I need it be able to configure a static IP address, so I can easilly add the Sonoff to this other platform and control it from it.

The benefits are many, as with these features I could combine Sonoff devices with about any other domotica product imaginable. The benefits for itead are similar, as all potential customers with other domotica products would then be able to combine Sonoff devicecs with their current setup. A potential of many new customers that would not be willing to solder things to the Sonoff or flash alternative firmware to the Sonoff devices.

If a platform has a community capable of adding custom devices/apps, then, with these features it is about guaranteed to receive support for Sonoff devices, as there will likely be volunteer developers building apps for Sonoff.

Requiring paid integration to the itead cloud will likely stop such developers like myself, as I am not getting paid to make such integrations, I am also not willing to pay a yearly fee for proper integration. Nor do I want to send privacy sensitive data to itead/eWeLink.

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Did you get any response to this? 

I just want this feature to be able to use my cameras o home-assistant

If I had, that reply would have been in this topic.

champ - I meant, did you find a solution for this?

No, I did not.
That is, you cannot set a fixed IP address for any Sonoff device through their interface.
Some routers allow you to assign fixed IP addresses to MAC addresses, which helps but does not work for everyone.
You could go for something like this:

But the author of that library noted:
__DEPRECATION WARNING__: I've originally used this package to avoid assinging static IPs in a local network. This turned out to be an unreliable and unworkable solution. As a result, this package is now archived.

So that does not leave a lot of options.

Right. I have thought of creating a VLAN for my security cameras using Mikrotik. I will try and I in case I'm able to do it I will post it here. 

Does SONOFF DIY Mode Satisfy your request?you can click on the link to learn more about it.

Do you want to control the SONOFF device via your own app or home automation platform? DIY Mode helps!

The DIY Mode is designed for IoT home automation users and developers who would like to control the SONOFF device via existing home automation open-source platform or local HTTP client instead of eWeLink App. In DIY Mode, when the device is connected with the network, it will publish its services and capabilities according to the mDNS/DNS-SD standard. Before publishing the service, the device has enabled the HTTP server on the port declared by the DNS SRV record. Device exposes the capabilities through an HTTP-based RESTful API. Users can obtain device information, control the device by sending an HTTP API request.

Click Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center or Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

Click Change adapter settings.

Right-click on Wi-Fi or Local Area Connection.

Click Properties.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Click Properties.

Select Use the following IP address.

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