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Force LAN-mode always and assign fixed IP address

I am a sofware developer not related to any company interested in purchasing a yearly license for connecting to the itead cloud.

Just a community member of some third party domotica system.

I want to integrate Sonoff devices to the domotica platform of my choice, through it's LAN-mode. For this LAN-mode to be usefull I wan't the Sonoff to always be in LAN-mode and to never even try to connect to itead/eWeLink servers.

Appart from that I need it be able to configure a static IP address, so I can easilly add the Sonoff to this other platform and control it from it.

The benefits are many, as with these features I could combine Sonoff devices with about any other domotica product imaginable. The benefits for itead are similar, as all potential customers with other domotica products would then be able to combine Sonoff devicecs with their current setup. A potential of many new customers that would not be willing to solder things to the Sonoff or flash alternative firmware to the Sonoff devices.

If a platform has a community capable of adding custom devices/apps, then, with these features it is about guaranteed to receive support for Sonoff devices, as there will likely be volunteer developers building apps for Sonoff.

Requiring paid integration to the itead cloud will likely stop such developers like myself, as I am not getting paid to make such integrations, I am also not willing to pay a yearly fee for proper integration. Nor do I want to send privacy sensitive data to itead/eWeLink.

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