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Firmware 3.0.1

after upgrading to the new firmware, my device online, but cannot switch on or off using ewelink

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After upgrading to 3.3.0 the problem remain the same. My G1 Inching/Self locking device still losing connection and the relay output the pulse after power comes back. So this update is total crap, same as old one. The device is not usable at this point. 

I'm very disappointed with Itead or Sonoff, whoever is responsible for the firmware.

Please give us the 2.6.1 version back and than look for the solutions.

@Igor K.

I am feeling for you buddy and wish I could offer more than sympathy but I I don't know why 'some' people are having issues after the update whilst others (like myself) are having no problems. I just hope the developers listen to people like you and sort some out very soon

@igor k , did u try to delete the switch from eWelink and try to add it again?

I don't see the point for doing that. If I disconnect and connect the power back, the module pulse the relay no mater if there is an app connected or not. At the time of power drop, the device is offline in the app anyway.

Compared to a firmware 2.6.1, at the time I plug back the power, the relay stays at OFF all the time, while device is connecting to the wifi. No pulsing at all.

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