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Problems with Relays Plate and Light Bulbs


Hello to the whole Community, and sorry for my bad English.
I have the following problem:
I enter other SonOff devices, I have a board "DC5V V 24 V 12 V 32 V Wifi wireless switch intelligent home automation relay module for Systemr access control Pushing / Auto-blocking", in which I activate the relays from a "Sonoff T1 UE of 3 channels".
For 2 months I have not had any problems, but since the last update of the Ewelink app, and arbitrarily jump the relays alone, making the blinds go up or down!
I have reviewed the scenes and there is nothing abnormal, I have deleted and recreated them and the problem continues, I have deleted the 2 devices and I have linked them again and the problem continues.
Through iFTTT, I have created "Applets" to know where the relays are activated from, pointing to Google Sheets, the time of the event and its status (as the scenes do not activate events in ifttt, and the relays go from On to Off, autonomously, I use the Off state, to activate the event).
As the problem persisted, I also deleted the IFTTT authorizations to Ewelink and Google, to recreate them, and the problem continued.
All this happens in a country house, so when I'm not there I have to disconnect the current that feeds the blinds.
But it is that 2 days ago the problem worsened, in the thing where I normally live (not where are the relays), I have 3 bulbs SonOff Model B1_R2, and they are repeating the same problem, at night they are activated !!
In this house, there are no scenes and nothing at all, I activate them through Ewelink simply.
Is it about witches?
Someone else with the same problem?
Any solution?
Thank you.
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