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Inching 250 ms

hello, I have a problem, I bought two sonof 4ch pro, (no sonoff 4ch pro r2), when using it in inching mode (s6 = 1, k5 = 0 and k6 = 1111) the time is 1s, not 0.250 seconds, and k6 = 0000 the time is 16s, not 4s. The sonoff is 4ch pro, it is not r2.

I have the same problem. I bought SONOFF 4CH PRO (not R2) and I have the same delay as a SONOFF 4CH PRO R2. The minimum value is 1s. (The configuration used is s6 = 1, k5 = 0 and k6 = 1111).


Could anyone help me please?

I have the same problem and they are also shown in the app EWeLink as if they were 4 plugs and not as switches. I have 5 sonoff 4ch pro R1 and all but one can configure 250ms but this last R1 minimum!!!!! And I need you to show up as switches, not like plugs. Photo 1 no correct Photo 2 correct Switches.

Do you know if all the 4 SONOFF that works at 250ms have the same version of firmware than the SONOFF that works bad?

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