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Sonoff Bridge, ewelink incomplete work.

Very disappointed with the sonoff bridge, the functioning of the sensors with the bridge is correct, some delay but nothing serious. The big problem is in the ewelink application, the door-window sensors and motion sensors are useless if schedules can not be set. The scenes can not be configured to work only at night or at certain times. It is useless to turn on the lamps the motion sensor or the door sensor when there is already natural light. A lot of development of the application is missing to be able to sell this product as a bridge. It is an incomplete work.

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I am in agreement with the previous message. the sensors work well, but the ewelink app would have to improve, be able to put time or hours of operation of the devices or schedule in the scenes. It would be very much appreciated if the app was improved

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Yes... it is a big fail.

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Y lo de solo poder controlar 4 dispositivos es un problema, se necesitarian 10 o 12 bridge para poder montar un sistema completo de alarma

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I use Basic to power up Bridge.Basic can be sheluded

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