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inching erase the possibility of power-on state ON

introduction of the inching feature on all device is great, but why does it cancel the power-on state ON? without power-on state ON, it gets very difficult to verify if power goes to the sonoff switch or not (power-on state stays Off so the lamp after the switch does not turn on). Please provide power-on state selection also when inching is selected (as matter of fact it is selectable but it does not work, so this must be classified as a bug).

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I am also facing the same issue and I need this because I wanted to make a delayed power off control where at the first time when the power comes it should turn on itself and then turn it off after the inching period.

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To be honest I do not know why inching should have any effect on power-on state.

This is a bug for sure

 For me it is also important when Internet is down, to maintain (some sort of) control of the Sonoff device by the manual power switch.

The way I wired things up, if I can't control the power-on state of the Sonoff device and Internet is down, there is no way to switch the light ON.

Yes. You are correct

As you already mentioned, the Basic has connection via main power line, always connected between wall switch and light, so without both fucntions Inching and State ON working together, the product has FATAL ERROR in use.  We´re sorry, this product is dumb, not smart switch now. Should be easy to fix, so please, what are we waiting for?

 as usual, I am wondering, if anybody at Itead/Sonoff is reading this forum to fix the bugs.

It would be nice to get a feedback from their developer team stating if/how/when they are going to do something

i have now tried to open a ticket and provide link to this discussion: let's see if it will get any attention at all.

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