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eWelink integration with Xiaomi miHome app


I follow the steps to sync my sonoff devices with miHome app:

1. Download and install miHome app

2. Third party platform devices and added ewelink skill

3. Bind my eWelink account and bound successfully

But my sonoff devices are not synced. I keep pressing "sync device" but nothing is synced.

Am i missing something? What is the problem?

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We have the same problem here. ITEAD could answer in this regard and indicate if it is possible, are in process or definitely not compatible.

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Same here, i can sync the Sonoff devices and I see the devices, but that's all. I can't do anything because they don't show in the automation section. What's the use of it? Please explain, thanks!
So do I, synced successful, but nothing happens
Can you guy try to change or redo the link up using +86 china. Worth a try. Let me knoe if it helps. See attach pic. Cheers
H Alex! I disconnected and re-connected. Devices can be seen in linked accounts but still can’t use them in automations.

From my understanding, the integration with Mi home app, its only to be able to use Mi Ai speakers to control son off devices, in my opinion not really that useful if they can't be used in automatons with other Mi devices :(

@artur, I've come to thee same conclusion. It should also work with voice control in the mi home app, having tested though, the mi home app doesn't seem to understand English - At all... So to my opinion, it's tripple useless. I gave up, now letting the sonoffos do the dumb stuff and I do the clever stuff manually, like flicking the light on when it gets dark - if- there are someone home. (So it turns out, a dab of Authentic- still beats Artificial Intelligence) cheers from Barcelona, S
The Mi Ai speakers are only for the chinese market, so if you want to use them u must speak mandarim, so i never bother to even try haha
Connect to the china server to try.

Any news on this topic ? 6 months is quite a lot for a basic feature like this one 

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Hallo guys. In MiHome app, I can see devices (but no motion sensors or rf Bridge) in linked accounts but nothing more and so, no control or scenes can be made.

Any news about the topic?

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Hey guys, Have anyone maybe found the way to sync sonoff and xiaomi? I would really like to create automated rules that would include both of this devices.
Hey there! Found it interesting to link both Mi & Sonoff apps. Is this still possible & how?! Ty in advance for your answer!
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