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eWelink integration with Xiaomi miHome app


I follow the steps to sync my sonoff devices with miHome app:

1. Download and install miHome app

2. Third party platform devices and added ewelink skill

3. Bind my eWelink account and bound successfully

But my sonoff devices are not synced. I keep pressing "sync device" but nothing is synced.

Am i missing something? What is the problem?

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Same here, sonoff switch appears synced but when creating a scene they do not appear.

No sense for me if you can not doing anything with synced devices.

Same here, can sync now. Well at least we can see the Sonoff devices now. Hopefully we are one step nearer to setting up automation

I have my 2 basic sonoff sync to MI Home app today as well. But cannot control them. ITEAD may be working on it.
@ydrohoos. Same 3 basic sonoffs visible in mi home as of today but not controllable in any way. Pow, pow II and a TH not visible. Tested from Barcelona Spain.. Interesting to see if they manage to link the sonoffs to mi home in a way that is actually useful. Fingers crossed.

Today i noticed that i can see my sonoff switch device on synced devices. But i'm not able to make any automation through mi Home app because i cant see the device on available devices for automations. 

+1.......same here. I would appreciate if ITEAD could comment here. Does this have to do with geo fencing? Does the ewelink>>mihome link work for those connecting within China only? Or is it simply not working at all, World wide

I have also same problem, I have linked my Mi Home wih Ewelink succesfully, but I cannot see any devices.

What should be done next?

I really don't understand why you promote a feature that is not working.

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Same here.

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