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eWeLink - Android Q beta

It does not work with Android Q. When can you expect repair? :(

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The app fails to launch and there is no error message.

If I try to launch the app repeatedly I get an android system message that says, "eWeLink kepps stopping" and gives me links to App ingo, Close app, or Send feedback.

This has been an issue since I first joined the beta for Android Q, and through every update so far.

Last year with P was the same, so expect working app in September or October... Ewelink devs are idiots, every other smart things app is working with Q except ewelink. I'll stop buying sonoff products in the future, every years same shit.

Use 2.1.8 working, and when they figure out how to bypass Android Q security, we'll have working new version
Where did you find 2.1.8?

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