eWeLink What's New for Android 3.5.10

First, let’s do a survey: do you know how often the eWeLink is updated? Actually, a new version of eWeLink will be released every one or two months. After going through the revolution of UI (User Interface) and the addition of new functions, this time, eWeLink releases the new version (3.5.10) in existing features to give you more control of SONOFF smart products.

What’s new?

Pattern lock: avoids children tapping on the app by mistakes to change the status of your appliances.

Dimming function: allow you to adjust the light brightness depends on your preferences and needs.                   

Old phones act as cameras: why not bring your updated smartphone a new life? Just download the eWEeLink camera app on your old phone( access the link to download: http://app.coolkit.cn/c.apk), bind your old smartphone with eWeLink app to monitor and manage your home with SONOFF switch.

Improvement of LAN control: it is designed for controlling appliances when Wi-Fi disconnects. The improvement for LAN control performance means that you will quickly take back control of your appliances running on even an unsteady network.

Works with More Appliances: use SONOFF smart switch or plug, and you will reach the purpose of controlling air conditioner, robotic vacuum cleaner, smart dimmer and strip light. Your appliances will be smarter than ever. It sounds wonderful. 

The UI is rearranged for a better use experience. We have enriched the UI information, convenient for you to view some relative information about SONOFF products and manage your router on eWeLink app. There is a tiny change on device renaming for better user experience. The “Profile” page is added more third-party products user guide to provide you a reference about these products, which helps use SONOFF products better. Considering your power consumption cost, eWeLink allows you to adjust the power and current of appliances.

Anyway, all these updates about eWeLink exist to extend and enhance your using experience for SONOFF smart products works with eWeLink. 

Come to eWeLink and discover the feature working best for your needs!

Tip: SONOFF strip light is selling and smart dimmer is on the way, stay tuned.

If you want to try our strip light and offer reviews or videos, please feel free to contact us.

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