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Sonoff Pow gonna work in this case?

I'm a potential user of Sonoff Pow 16A. I'd like to use the product to measure the consumption of my mother's electrical wheelchair, that stay connected to her condominium outlet aorud 3 hours per day. She connect the plug, let it recharging along around 2 hours and diconnect the plug. I want to measure the concumption to pay directly to the condominium, sending the measurements to them.

 However, there are some important doubts:

1- This equipment will reliably measure, even when it's connected to a AC side of a Retifier (recharging device of the wheelchair)?

2- Since we do not have a wifi connection in the garage, the device will register the consumption in an offline mode?

3- My mother will monthly take the device to her apartment, connect to wifi and register the measurements. It's ok to do like that?

Thank you all in advance.

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Sorry to put this topic in this section. It should be another one, but I still hope that somebody helps me.

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