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Firmware 3.0.0

Hello to all, yesterday was an update of firmware of all 1-gang-devices to 3.0.0 Ewelink is at 3.5.12
Anybody who can tell me what changed? I cannot see a difference,

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Don't upgrade to 3.0. My S26 only works on WIFI mode. When I turn the switch while it's on LAN mode, the entire app hangs.

For me both phone on LAN and phone on 4G work... Not sure of the value of the LAN logo...BUT has anyone played with the mode where the devices cannot reach the cloud? I. e local router fail I'll have to test
the problem is not in the firmware but in the new version of eWelink. The last one is 3.5.8

After updating to firmware 3.0.0 my garage door opener is not functioning correctly Pleas help

I think ITead stopped pushing 3.0.0 upgrades from 2.6.0. They still do it from 1.6 though. Not sure if you can flash-back to 2.6.0, unless you go through NodeMCU. But would need a binary of 2.6.0 or 3.0.0. Any idea on where to get this?

Now they are upgrading to 3.0.1. Sometime it shows the LAN icon, sometimes the WiFi strength. I have 70 Basic2s. half a dozen of them only work, if I disable wifi on the phone and control via 4G. Oh, and LAN mode doesn't work at all! It says 0 units connected...
Still dont work:
Still dont work:

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Its grate The LAN logo shows when you're on the same wifi network and its work and respond mouch faster. The Wifi logo shows the devices connected strength to your home wifi when your phone is on a different network or with 4g and connect true sonoff cloud its abit slower i em whiting them to reales v3.0 to other dvices souch T1C2, T1C3 and son off pow my customer askd me about that i hope will be soon toms up sonoff great product
Doesn't matter how good it is when it doesn't work. Last check it still doesn't work.
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