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Sonoff pow r2 wrong readings

I attached a screenshot of my pow r2. Readings indicate voltage at 225.39V, current at 0.15A and power at 14.2W.  But P=UxI=225.39*0.15=33.8 (W). Voltage is correct, so which of the other two is wrong? Same problem in the screenshot from the manual of pow r2.

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Same here, readings are 139W, 1.25A and 238V.

My science teacher will not approve of Itead science.

Update - I've used an SDM120 Modbus Single Phase Multifunction Energy Meter to verify Sonoff Pow R2 readings and got approx same values - Big question now remains what is happening to Ohm's Law since this is so not correct.

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First, sorry for my bad English. I have not all words to describe.
P=UxI is for direct current, here you are in alternatic current. So it needs to be P=UxIxcos(phi). Please read about phase shift.
In your circuit are inductive or capacitive, but not only ohm, devices.

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I think that the POW R2 is showing ACTIVE power, not APPARENT power, which calculation is what you did, VxI.


Correct me if I'm wrong.

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