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Using Both Sonoff Wi-Fi Switch and Existing Wall Switch to Control Light

Hi, I want using both ( parallel) sonoff basic wifi switch and existing wall switch to control a light. I have a diagram. Is it correct? Can I switch on both of them at a moment? Tnx

The circuit is correct, but when you switch it on, you'll have to switch it off too. It is better to use RF and to do this RF wall button.

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Dear roberto  I havent RF model, I have a sonoff basic model and my wall switch (wall plug) is simple one and these switchs are parallel. When I switch on the wall plug and switch off sonoff basic model, I have voltage on the wire that befor the sonoff switch and I have voltage after sonoff switch too when it is switched off at this moment, becase this wire conected to the wall plug and these are parallel like my diagram. Now if I have voltage before and after sonoff switch, when it is switched off, is it disaster or correct? I think it is revers voltage and I to be afraid of it. Is this circuit damaging for my sonoff swich? I need have 2 ways to turn on my light. Because I want it for car parking lamps and i want turn on lamp for security camera for watching at my work place. Parking plug have a timer.
It does not matter whether the current is before or after the Sonoff. Nothing should happen, but L must be L and N must be zero

The diagram is fine as long as you realize the only way to turn off the light is to have BOTH the wall switch and the Sonoff turned off.  Having voltage on the output of the Sonoff basic while it is switched off is not a problem.  It uses a relay so the contacts are open just like they are in your manual switch.

In my opinion it is ok, but you do not need to give the light an extra Neutral wire as it has already been connected to it. Look at my drawing, its simple.



Wouldn’t it be better if you used sonoff mini?
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