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Network unavaliable

Ewelink was working great untill yesterday. Yesterday i updated ewelink to version 3.5.10 . Since this update, after i start ewelink i get different situations : 1. After start, i can not manage any device. I get messege network unavaliable. I have to ENABLE lan, and then DISABLE it, and then it works. It works maybe 2 minutes, and then again network unavaliable. 2. After start, i can not manage any device. I have to LOGOUT from app, and then again LOGIN, and it works.. Again maybe 2 minutes. After 2 minutes it stoppes working. 3. After start i can not manage device. After app is opened, i have to turn my wifi OFF, then turn 4G ON, and then turn OFF 4G, and turn ON wifi, and then again it works for 2 minutes. The most funny thing is, that sometimes , when i start app, ALL is working properlly.. I am using HUAWEI P20Pro, and all permissions for the app are allowed. Also wifi is 2.4 Ghz, not 5Ghz. It was working PERFECT more then 1 year, but since yestarday i have these problems.. I need some URGENT ASSISTANCE please, because i am managing approx 50 Sonoff devices, and if i have problems like that, i can not manage them propperly... Can someone give me the solution to solve my problem please...... Thank you.

No i did not noticed that, because i do not have version 3.5.12 . This version puts my devices in to " network unavaliable " mode. And i can not have these problems. I need stable version and 3.5.8 is rocket stable, and works great. I am still waiting for a help from itead team or ewelink support. I downgraded my version.

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Nothing has changed with the upgrades. The ewelink now is on v3.6.1, including the latest little upgrade of 7.2Mb that they released, and the devices are on v3.0.1, but the problem of "Network connectivity fail"persists. I'm really running out of patience. It is really annoying, that you can't use the app normally.

Below is the link of the video with the problem:

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Itead please fix this issue, because i love Sonoff devices, and app is good looking, and i want to use it normaly. Please fix this problem soon with the update. Thank you

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I'm having the same issues that folks above are having. I also have a question for anyone that's loaded an earlier apk version in order to eliminate this problem. Did you have to set up all of your devices again once you deleted the newest version and loaded the earlier revision apk? Or do they get stored somewhere? I'd hate to have to go through the process of loading all of my devices again! Thanks

Hello. All the devices stay in your account. Dont worry :) .
Ok, thanks. So I can just delete the version I currently have and then install the older apk version and then log in? Bob
Yes, you can do this with no problem. Dont worry, it is super simple.
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