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Synchronizing device according the second one

Synchronizing one device according the other, does not work. When I try to synchronize one switch BAS2 based of the status of switch BAS1. Scene 1 and 2 works, but scene 3 and 4 does not.

Please advise.



2x basic BAS1,BAS2

1x TH16 with woterproofsensor, TH16, it is used only as "standalone sensor" because It is not possible to create condition to if TH16 is ON then BAS2 switch ON



IF TH16>30 then Switch ON BAS1

IF TH16<25 then Switch OFF BAS1

IF BAS1 is ON then BAS2 switch ON

IF BAS1 is OFF then BAS2 switch OFF

The use case is have 1 pum for solar, 2nd mainf filtering pump. If Solar has good temperature, pum the water to poll but main filtering needs to help you.

Thank you  for your help

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