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ewelink or smartLife devices?

I'm choosing between SmartLife noname devices and eWelink (sonoff) for my home automation. I tested noname smart breaker wich work with SmartLife app and tested Sonoff smart switches. Both of devices work fine. But I think that SmartLife application looks more attractive and comfy comparing with ewelink. Am I right ?

Which one is the better and why? I need to buy around 30 smart switches for lights in house (rooms, kitchen, etc) and afraid of making wrong choose. In future i'am planning to use that devices in Openhab+mqtt environment (without chineese cloud). 

Can you help me to make choose  ?

EWELINK and SONOFF definetly. Amazing product, amazing app

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I had trouble using my dual band AP with the eWeLink app but not with the Smart Home app. Just for that reason I would recommend you to use the Smart Home app. Those app do the same.
At the moment I have all Sonoff devices however I am discovering more and more that I may have to add Smart life devices for wall switches and especially dimmers because there just isn’t a good choice from Sonoff. Also I discovered that the Smartlife app has a really cool feature: IFTTT can trigger/be triggered by a scene from the app giving it greater flexibility. In short my recommendation is both. Smart life for wall switches and dimmers, EWeLink for the cheaper and greater selection of inline modules like the basic, TH etc.

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Smart Home App is easier to use and has more customization options .. such as I can turn switches on / off based on weather, humidity, temperature etc. 

For example, if the weather is below 60 F in my area, I turn off the fans.   I also have setup extra fans to come on if the temperature goes above 90F.  The temperature reading a taken from the area temp, which is available on the internet  and built into the Smart Home App and so far has worked very accurately. This function is not available in eWeLink App.  

Wow that's very interesting I did see thew weather displayed in the app and didn't understand the point of having that information there... now I do!

I have a feeling it's time to switch.

Switching by weather has been available in Ewelink for a month.

Robert Barta, I'm using version 3.11.0 of the eWeLink App on iOS and I don't see that option.  What version / OS are you using ? 

I have eWelink 3.11.1 and Android 9

Robert, I did some research on this and the switching by weather is NOT available on ewelink. The only thing you can do is take temp from one of the sensors and use it to turn on/off a switch.  The other app can change based to outside weather reported by weather service. 


I only see sunrise and sunset.  Here is how the Smart Life App looks. 

You can do a LOT of automation based on your weather. I'm attaching some pics so get the idea. 

(73.5 KB)
(74.6 KB)
(63.1 KB)
(95.7 KB)
(61 KB)

Do you mean we can add son off devices into Smart Life app?

Artur, No.. You cannot add Sonoff devices to Smart Life App. We're only comparing the two apps here. 

When compering smart life and eWelink apps in the case of suddenly power cut and power come again eWlink has option to select on/of/resumed. but i have not noticed in Smart Life app such facility.  Therefore I have to face so many cases some lights on without my control. Further  lost of connectivity also.

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