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Pairing activation time limit


Please could you add a timeout for WiFi pairing activation. i.e. Pairing can only be enabled within 15 minutes of powering on. I have an application where people are pressing the button for too long and it causes me to be locked out of device until pairing fails.

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Agree, this will be important if ITEAD wants we used them for public buildings. Either a time off , jumper, password or something that enables / disables the reconfiguration.

I like the idea. In the end the original configuration should be restored (and probably wifi connection restarted).

I have an idea as well related to timeout.

In case there are power outages, the power may come back in wrong order.

Or if the wifi coverage is lost for any reason for a longer period of time, the switches won't be able to reconnect. In those cases I have had inaccessible switches, even though the wifi (+internet) connection is restored.

I wish to have a timeout of any longer connectivity loss to restart taking the connection to wifi.


at time X wifi router is shut down and wifi coverage is lost, 5 minute timer is started at itead switch

at time X + 5 minutes itead switch timeout expires, itead switch either restarts itself or restarts the wifi interface. 5 minute timer is restarted at itead switch.


at time X + 1007 minutes wifi router is switched on again and wifi coverage comes back

at time X + 1010 minutes itead switch timeout expires second time, itead switch either restarts itself or restarts the wifi interface. Itead switch gets the wifi connection, and the timer is not set anymore.

In case "wifi connection" and "internet connection to itead cloud" are not the same, then similar timer handling is needed also for the internet access.

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