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Sonoff PIR2 sensitivity

I have just received the PIR2 sensors and I have started playing with them.

At first glance, it seems they are working fine but I have a problem with the sensor sensibility.

The problem is that the sensor detects very hard objects that are located on more than 3 meters.

For example, when my kids are running around the sensor (>3 and <5 meters) it does not detect them (very rarely it detects that something is happening).


I guess that pets detection is something that makes the sensor not so sensitive and I was wondering if somehow I can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. I saw that the sensor has modes (Full, Norm, Code, Puls1, Pusl2 and Puls3) but I am not sure what do they do. I also noticed that the old versions of the sensors have had jumpers but mine has only a place ready for jumpers. 

Can you tell me if there is a way I can increase the sensitivity of the sensor as in the current state it is almost useless?

Thanks in advance.

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Anyone can help ?

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I have the same question. Just blank solder joints. Are they not adjustable like other boards (broadlink)?

Can I solder a wire across?

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