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Sonoff T1 2 gang random beeping


so I have installed one T1 2 gang, connected one output, paired it to the app and remote button. It all worked fine for couple of days, but yesterday it started to randomly make beeping sound (one beep, pause, two beeps, pause) and LED indicator flashes (two flashes, pause, repeat).

I have read that it may be problems with connecting to the server and I am going to check what I can do, BUT I can't find information why T1 is beeping out of the blue.. There is the problem, because this night I had to take it off the wall and disconnect to have a normal sleep.

Also few times I have found that second output (gang 2, which is not connected) turned ON without my knowledge.

What can be the probems??

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I have the same problem. My T1 2gang randomly go offline but do come back on their own. Yet randomly one of the 2gang channels will turn on by itself. I have upgraded to firmware 3.1.0 last night. But 3 times before going to bed my one channel randomly went on. Woke this morning with it on. Would love a solution as the light that keeps Going on is outside as in annoying my neighbors. I am going to disconnect the bulbs to outside until a solution can be found as angry neighbors aren’t pleasant.
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