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Sonoff T1 2 gang random beeping


so I have installed one T1 2 gang, connected one output, paired it to the app and remote button. It all worked fine for couple of days, but yesterday it started to randomly make beeping sound (one beep, pause, two beeps, pause) and LED indicator flashes (two flashes, pause, repeat).

I have read that it may be problems with connecting to the server and I am going to check what I can do, BUT I can't find information why T1 is beeping out of the blue.. There is the problem, because this night I had to take it off the wall and disconnect to have a normal sleep.

Also few times I have found that second output (gang 2, which is not connected) turned ON without my knowledge.

What can be the probems??

20 people have this problem

I have the same problem, i bought  20 units T1  2 gang and 20 units T1 1 gang switches an i already install the first 20 from these 14 have the beeping problem. in the past i install several T1 switches without any problem, wich are the diferences between new ones and the old ones?

I have 8 stiches, all with same problems of all: disconnect, ghost swtiching, etcc.

And if i remove link from ewelink, buttons dont work mannualy (have to press tone of times to turn lights on).

The company seems to not care about it.

This is not the answer you want to hear, but... replace with the TX series. They work flawlessly. I had T1s and changed them all. No problem for 3 months.

So i have to buy another switches from de company who sold me bad ones?


That sucks !! I already buy one TX to test.

ITEAD should replaces our bad for good ones.

I have 3CH touch ITEAD switch (works the same as sonoff, but other brand) with original firmware 3.3.0, worked perfect for almost 2 years. Yesterday moved switch to different Wifi. First reset wifi: hold 2 times 7 seconds on the buttons to enter pair mode. After that (after 3 hours finding out how to pair) finally paired to the new WiFi. But from the moment I did reset WiFi, the switch started randomly on/off the lights (even without WiFi, so no broker or whatever). Tried to reset and pair again, nothing helps. Disconnected eWelink from Google Home as well from Home Assistant. But again, ghost switching even without WiFi connection. Any ideas? Hardware issue? Or switch keeps some states/events on his own hardware?

Today moved another 2CH switch to other WiFi, till now no problems. Seems like by moving WiFi of 3CH I broke hardware... w00t


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