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Sonoff T1 2 gang random beeping


so I have installed one T1 2 gang, connected one output, paired it to the app and remote button. It all worked fine for couple of days, but yesterday it started to randomly make beeping sound (one beep, pause, two beeps, pause) and LED indicator flashes (two flashes, pause, repeat).

I have read that it may be problems with connecting to the server and I am going to check what I can do, BUT I can't find information why T1 is beeping out of the blue.. There is the problem, because this night I had to take it off the wall and disconnect to have a normal sleep.

Also few times I have found that second output (gang 2, which is not connected) turned ON without my knowledge.

What can be the probems??

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The 3.1.0 is for T2 and T3 , not T1. Hope T1 will get it soon because it's falling as well

@Tzvi Rabinobich - I have one T1 with 3.10 firmware. But only was available in one with of my 6 switches.

Attached the images (you can't see the firmware & the model in only one image)

Still waiting for the update to become available... Are you all happy with the new version? Does it still beep at random times?

The 3.1.0 seems to be the same as the 2.7.1 ... still beeps (I want to imagine that it is happening slightly less) but at least it reconnects automatically after a while. Better than 3.0.1

I got a message from them today saying that the hardware must be faulty and I must take it back to where I bought it - Eiferer. I responded saying that the explanation is impossible because so many others have the same issue...

@Tiaan 3.1 works fine for me, no beeps since last wednesday. Still waiting for the rest of my switches, cause in only one the update was available.
My switches have not failed in two weeks with the facia removed even after the update was installed. I am now on holiday in England and can still control the switches that are installed in Australia.

Hey Alan, the message I got from support was "If it's no problem when taking off the enclosure, it must be a faulty one. Please contact the selling platform for return&exchange. You can also buy products in the future via our official mall: where we will directly in charge of the after-sale feedback. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Such BS... how can everyone have this issue if its my hardware fault... they should make a plan to fix this.

Yeah, it seems to be a "ghost switch" issue. The panel thinks that it is being depressed for 5 seconds and so goes into pairing mode. I would think a firmware update that requires a different sequence to get it into pairing mode, for example, push for three seconds, release for three seconds, push for three seconds again, could solve this problem. It is only the T1's that does that and it must be because it is not a physical switch that needs to be pushed to get it into pairing mode, but the panel, which uses a sensing sensor that can be fooled by the build up of static or humidity changes. Obviously the hardware needs to be upgraded, but that is going to be a long shot (replacing thousands of switches), but some sort of clever firmware combo could help the people that have lots invested in Sonoff hardware already! I know it would make hard copies of manual invalid, but people that buy these switches will check on website if another manual is available, surely?

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Gerhard, I wish support would read these threads and act on our suggestions. Seems like they just want us to buy the new version of these switches seeing as they are discontinuing the current T1 range.

HI all, some update , after updating to 3.1.0 SW of my US T1 2C ,only one time a reconnect happened , the good thing after 2 min it self reconnected to my home network so all good (for now) . my US T1 1C has still 3.0.1 SW  he still has the same symptom as before . after disconcerting it still offline .

@Walter Muñiz Panellaa , this is really weird , i never sow this thing before.  

@Gerhard Smit about  "ghost switch" issue , i don't think SONOFF will change the pairing sequence .

also i found the if yours home network if full of WIFI devices this also can affect the "reconnect" the switch . 

Hi, my US T1 1C still has a disconnect issue with out reconnected back , SW 3.0.1 . 

My US T1  2C and 3C also disconnected several time but self connected ok  , SW 3.1.0.

so the issue is US T1 1C ...

Yeah, it would really help, I'm going to suggest it in my support ticket feedback as well. I had feedback from Joyce, gave some feedback, suggesting there will be some sort of "fix" in firmware 3.3.0, but we'll see ...

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I have try the following : - insulation tape - foil - removing the cover Not one actually works, and my 1C (FW3.0.1)still loose connection to wifi and 2C, 3C (FW3.1.0) go into pairing but at least reconnect to wifi. I hope this problem can be fixed with firmware upgrade soon!!

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I have the same problem with 3 t1 2 gang, I removed the internet to the router and no longer beeping or ghost touch and do not restart
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