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Add delay function

By adding a leay function, very similar to the new inching function would allow to implement some applications wher you need to control things in a certain order.

For example to control heating in a swimming pool, where you need to turn the water pump and heading source in a certain order:

Start heating pool: 
- Turn water pump and after a minute turn heating on

Turn heating off
- Turne heating off and 1 minute later turn water pump off

There could be other use cases where you may need to delay the start, like an alarm system that need to give you time to disarm the alarm after the sensors are activated.

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i would like a similar feature where in we can be able to delay any channel by some duration after the device is turned on.

I need a delay before turn on device.

Turn on sonoff basic -> wait 1/3/5/15 seconds -> then send voltage to output.

Plseas I need this

I need an option for delay like:

When I turn on a light(Sonoff mini), after 2 minutes turn on the exaust (sonoff basic).

When I turn off the light (Sonoff mini), After 2 minutes turn off the exaust (sonoff basic).

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