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1 switch but 2 lights in living room. Won't switch on

Hey guys. So. I got my switch today. And connected it all up. Got WiFi connected etc. But the lights won't switch on I have two lights in my living room and the one light switch that controls Both of them at the same time. There are only two wires. Brown and blue with a brown strip of casing on it. I know I've connected it right as nothing is tripping and the switch itself comes on. But I ca t figure out why the lights won't work? I put my normal switch back on that work fine. Then tried again with this WiFi switch and nothing. Can any of you help? Do I need to take pictures?

Apparently you have only two wires, a sharp phase and a switching phase. Photos are small, not seen, but you need a zero. Check out YouTube as it involves the videos there are.
Now I've managed to enlarge photos. You only have two wires. If there was a normal switch on this, there's no zero there, which is not usually done.
OK. Sorry. So what does that mean? I need a different switch or a wire? There's only one brown wire and then one blue wire with a brown casing on it so they're both live. Sorry for bad photos and not understanding lol
You need a phase, a zero and a phase that leads to the light. In the Czech Republic, the brown, black or gray phases, the same can still be on the light. The null is just blue. In my opinion, there is no zero, only the phase of the feed is sharp and the phase has come to light.
Ahhh OK. Really sorry. I don't understand I'll. Just try and find a different switch that would work. Normal. Light switch works fine. I don't know why this WiFi one won't. No worries. Sorry just don't get what you mean x
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