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How many Sonoff modules can operate in an enclosed area?

How many basic Sonoff modules can operate in an enclosed area where the modules are fairly close to each other?  Thanks.  

Since each one is an 802.11 wireless device and they can all hear each other and the router, there should be no problem running dozens of them in close proximity.  It would be no different than having dozens of any type wireless clients connected at once.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, buy you haven't really answered my question.  'Running dozens' doesn't tell me how many devices can operate in an enclosed area with interfering with each other.

I will rephrase my question.  

Can I operate 100 devices in an enclosed area with degradation in performance?


As they operate on same frequency they have to interfere with each other, but the bandwidth is very low for each device, so doubt it would be a huge effect. If you have an android phone you can measure noise and signal strength using free apps (for example the Netgear one). Mac computers also have it built in. The other factor is your WiFi router. They have different numbers of arials & different numbers of simultaneous connections possible. It might be worth spending a little extra on one as you might spend one aerial streaming to your TV, one on 5 GHz, one on your phone and then be left with just one for all the other sonoff devices, so it ends up doing a round robin. I connect everything possible by Ethernet
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