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Sonoff switches lose Internet at approx 3am every day

Hi, I'm in the UK and have approx 20 various sonoff switches. At approx 3am EVERY day nearly all my switches lose their connection but it always comes back at about 5.30am. I say nearly all as 5 or 6 always stay connected proving its not my routers wifi connection. They work perfectly during the day and have done this through every firmware update (now on 2.6.1) and I try to always keep them up to date... It's not a new thing, I've had them about 6 months but only just looked into it as its not been too much bother as we're usually asleep. Also not a single device is found on the lan setting in the ewelink app when my phone and switches are definitely connected to the same network... Would be very grateful if anyone could help.

Take a look at two settings on your router.

1. DHCP lease time.  Set it to at least 24 hours.

2. Under 2.4 wireless turn off Group Rekey Interval.


By it repeating at the same time daily I would still suspect it to be a router issue.  It may be that the devices losing connection are in weak signal zones.  They may not be getting the WPA2 rekeys.  Another issue but less likely is that something in the home or neighborhood is cycling and causing interference at 3:00 am.  Changing the wifi channel on your router might cure that.

I don´t know about the UK, but here in Germany every day the internet connection is cutted for a moment from provider. It´s a rule here. At which time in day I can choose in router (at me it is set to 2am). 

So every day at 2am all my devices loose internet connection. Most of them get it back within seconds, but some need more time. You wrote about 1,5 hours, so much it is not at me, I would say maximum 10 minutes. 

Maybe something like this?

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