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Please add the feature to Sonoff POW of unconditional auto turn off in 1 to 60 minutes after turning on

Please add the feature of unconditional turning off the Sonoff POW in 1 to 60 minutes once it is turned ON. I want to control a water heater in such a way that when some one turns ON the water heater using the built in switch the heater will remain ON for next preset time such as 50 minutes and then automatically turn OFF unconditionally. Thanks.

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 use the schedule program in the Ewilink app for timing on -off.

Schedule can't do that. We can use schedule but off time is very random.

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I also have the same need. I would like to turn on a circulation pump but it should be off automatically after 10 minutes

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This seems to be  the "inching" function, currently  present in Sonoff Basic to be ported to the POW...

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I I read it correctly did I make the same mistake to use loop timer. This turns off the light every 10 minutes. So when you enable it 1 mine before the timer it is only on for 1 min. Took me really long to figure this out... If you go to settings of the device you can set inching. With this you can turn off the device after a certain time.

Joeri van Hout, I am using SonOff Pow that has no inching function feature. I request Sonoff pow design team to add inching function to Pow version.
Yes, I would like this feature too. There is inching function in the basic switches but not in Pow R2.
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