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T1 US 1-3 Gang Smart Wall Touch Light Switch -

Hi, I just bought a T1 US 3 Gang US AU Standard WiFi RF Smart Wall Touch Light Switch and it's really nice and well done. 

But I have a problem: I have to directly control the light of the hall and - through a rotary relay - the light of the entrance. 

Using eWeLink app I have programmed the duration of the ON state but this setting is shared by all three channels! 

It would be very useful and beautiful to be able to set the standard functionality (ON and OFF) and the duration mode independently on each channel. 

Do you think it's a feasible thing? 

Thank you.

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I have a RF. 3 gang switch. T1-US. But got the 315mhz rf controller in asia. Thru lazada. It pairs ok but i must be within 6" or 15 cm for it to control. Not very useful ! Is this normal. I could use wifi if i had full control with 2 phones ?
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