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Sonoff Basic as Door Sensor (without modifications)

I have a problem that sometimes my garage door doesn't close well, so i eventually discover I left the door opened for a few minutes, hours, full day... Really disgusting.

I first thought about SOnoff door windows/door sensors but discovered the only trigger on door open and there is no signal on close. So, is not an option.

I now have an idea but would like to ask expert users. The operation is really simple. Using a Sonoff Basic as a door sensor.

I attach a file for better understanding, but the idea is that put two cables (the switch) that when they touch the sonoff turns on, and when they are near close position it turns off. So I would have ON (open) and OFF (close) status.

Any advice on how to achieve this?

Magnetic switches are widely used in the security alarm industry.  They are offered in NO/NC varieties, indoor/outdoor, and they are cheap.  Put the magnet on the moving part and the switch on the stationary part.

How to link that switches to sonoff or something?

As discussed in another thread here there is no input on the Basic other than the pushbutton or killing the power.  You could use something like the Basic SV and power it with a safe DC voltage through the mag switch such that it would show up as online when the contacts were closed.

Using any of the high voltage devices, like the POW pulling a light bulb through an external switch such that it would show current draw when the switch was closed, would have to be done carefully and properly.  The mag switch would have to be rated for the high voltage and the circuit powered by a GFCI in the likely event it would be outdoors and or wet.

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