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which cameras are compatible with sonoff devices?

 Hi, I have several sonoff switches around my home and while checking some settings recently i noticed something new "add camera".  I have 5 cameras and thought this sounded interesting  as many people have asked for this feature to check on the garage door status.  I would like to do the same thing but I cant find which cameras are compatible. I have 5 Annke cameras but unfortunately they don't show up in the add section.  Could anyone tell me which ones will please?

many thanks

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Hi Mark, Did you get any joy? I'm in the same boat as you are/were.

AFAIK, there is no SONOFF camera. You can convert your old android phone as SONOFF camera and attach to any SONOFF switch using eWeLink app. In you old phone, download eWeLink Camera app  from play store. You will find your camera in the Add Camera menu and also in the main switch list.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. But no matter what phone I use, their is always the message .. „no optional device“ What am I doing wrong ?
Hi Wolfgang, I've just purchased the Eachen camera. Apparently that's compatible with eWelink.. just waiting for delivery 15-20 (being in South Africa) I'll let you know if that works.
Hi Mbusi, thanks for you’re reply .... looking forward.

Good to hear that there is a SONOFF camera.

Just see the below screenshot.


See the last item which is automatically added when I have installed eWeLink Camera app on Samsung Galaxy S4 and linked with a switch.

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What's the name/brand of that camera?

Samsung Galaxy S4 as I mentioned already :)

i cant link/bind my Ezviz Apps in to eWeLink..
Myself I used old android phone as my cam
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