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BRIDGE Problems & Questions

I share with all of you, what I wrote to Itead technical support, hopeful of getting valuable advice and ideas from you :-)

I purchased 2 Bridge and 10 door contacts. The Bridge allows the pairing of only 4, why? The message in Ewelink App (Version 3.5.8) is... "Supports up to 4 RF Remotes :-( Bu, you wrote that the maximum of paired detectors are 16, ...correct? My Device Firmware 2.7.0

"Normaly Automatic Hotels function"
The 10 magnetic contacts detect the opening of the windows & door, to automatically turn off the radiators controlled by TH16. PROBLEM! If I want to create a scene, with a Sonoff TH16 I can not implement the on / off command because the Sonoff TH16 only accept a temp or humidity command. This is a great great GAP. Confirm that you can solve?

This my 1st system should consist of 16 door detectors, 6 presence detectors to control bright scenes and audio in the Hotels, 6 smoke detectors, 1 GPL gas detector and 2 for water control (anti-flooding) ). Do you have any tips to give? (6 other identical systems to be implemented below)

MANY THK for your collaboration & precious Support :-)
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