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Light Blinking

i installed sonoff light switch but light keeps blinking. Wiffi and touch seems working properly but light blinking always

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Here is a prove that not only me and you Huzeyfe have this problem: Strange enough, but there is no solution listed anywhere in the net and I'm wondering if there's a workaround or it doesn't work at all. Please help with advise!

hi Stanislav Dinev, i solved the problem with electrical technician. 

the wiring system should like this The Notr wire goes in L, phase goes in N then the other cables goes in L1 and L2 then light blinking goes and the switch work properly

Hi Huzeyfe, Could you please provide some pictures of the EU wall switch wiring? I did my best, but still can't stop the led luster blinking.


You need 3 wires.

Always Hot wire (usually black)

Neutral wire (usually white)

Switched Hot (usually red) connects to the light bulb

Using the above color codes which are not standard all over the world:

Black to Line in

Red to Line out

White to Neutral

If there is a green wire or yellow/green wire or bare wire in the box it is an earth ground.  Do NOT use the ground as a substitute for the neutral.

In old construction quite often only the hot and switched hot are present in the switch box.  The simple switch just makes or breaks a connection between them.  With the IOT switch the electronics require a power source and thus they require a neutral wire be present.  If you do not have a neutral wire you will need to rewire and pull one else you cannot use the IOT switch.

Hi Guys, I managed to make my led luster work properly, but still don't know what's the logic behind this: When I connect the two black wires on the ceiling - it works as expected, but when they are not connected one to another the led luster blinks. Please explain again :)
Strange enough, but when the two black wires are connected, the wall switch stops to function and appears turned off :( Maybe some additional electronics block is needed between the two black phase cables? Please help me for a solution in my case.


So does this mean that L-in will go directly in the ground via the corps?

The ground wire connects to nothing but the frame of the metal boxes.  The little 3 dash symbol represents the frame.  Do NOT connect  the ground wire to the Sonoff in any way!  Once again, you need 3 wires in addition to the ground wire.  Line in, Neutral, and Line out.

So, I believe that with your help, my father's help and some logic from side I finally understood the whole schema attached: 1. There is only a hotline coming to the Sonof switch from the main panel at L in 2. When the switch is on then this hotline is transferred to L out 3. The lamp receives N from the main panel and L from the L out 4. Unlike the normal mechanical switch, Sonof needs a N back from the lamp via S, the spare cable on the ceiling
Thanks a lot everyone. You rock. Will try it in real tomorrow.

Glad you got it working.

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