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Bridge and Alexa - cannot switch-off button

I've connected RF wall light switch with Sonoff RF Bridge. Of course I've ewelink setup in my Alexa profile. I can switch on bridge RF switch/button from Alexa via saying "Alexa, switch on button 1". However when i say "Alexa, switch off button 1", Alexa is saying "Sorry, button 1 doesn't support that".

With Google Home it works fine.

Anyone has the same issue?

Buttons/switches connected to RF bridge are recognised by Alexa as device "other"

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Similar issue with my TH16.

It used to work (Turn on and off Device via Alexa)

But now I tell Alexa to turn it off and it says That command is not supported)


I have a similar problem: I mapped the ON and OFF buttons of my Brennenstuhl Comfort RCS 1000N  in different two buttons remotes, but it seems that the app can only turn on, so my commands have to be:

Alexa turn on device ON

Alexa turn on device OFF

It would be lovely to decide if the buttons answer to Alexa turn on or Turn off commands, it should just be a flag!

Not sure if this will work for you but I had to change the names of the devices in the ewelink app.

I guess the names I choose where easily confused by Alexa with a group or room?

For testing I set the devices to unique names and the problem went away...

i.e. Alexa turn on/off "Office A C"  would intermittently refuse to switch
(That command is not supported..)

But I changed it to Alexa Turn on/off "My A C" or "Main A C" and it worked fine.

So every time I used terms that described a room or predefined group (Or sounded similar) alexa had intermittent issues...


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